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Silicon Carbon Ball

  • Silicon Carbon Alloy

    Silicon Carbon Alloy

    This product is with big density, high purity and don't pollute steel liquid after using, has high recovery and stable effect.Read More

  • High Carbon Silicon

    High Carbon Silicon

    We can produce high carbon silicon briquette or other silicon briquette, high carbon silicon briquette detailed spec as following, it is widely used in steel mills. just for reference: Si>=20% ; Al<=0.5% ; C>=55% ; Ca<=0.3% P<=0.05% ; S<=0.05% ; Fe: Balance Size: 10~50mm in...Read More

  • silicon Briquette

    silicon Briquette

    Silicon carbon ball deoxidizer is a kind of product with single crystal element silicon carbon alloy and is squeezed into a ball after powder mixing and drying. It can replace ferrosilicon, and does not produce dust pollution in the furnace, reaction speed, reduce the cost, is a new way in the...Read More

ETERNAL SEA Metallurgical, located in Anyang, China, is one of the leading silicon carbon ball manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring customers many high quality but low price silicon carbon ball in stock from our professional factory.