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vietnam ferro silicon suppliers

  • Silicon Manganese Briquettes/SiMn Alloy Balls

    Silicon Manganese Briquettes/SiMn Alloy BallsSiMn is mainly made of SiMn powder.It can replace SiMn alloy in steel making thus reducing the cost of producing and promoting renewable utilization of resources . 1、Used as deoxidizer and alloying agents in the steel industry. 2、Used as nucleating agent and spheroidizing agent in the iron...Read More

  • High Quality MnSi Ball

    High Quality MnSi BallProduct Description This kind of briquette is made up of silicon manganese powder .It is a specialized product that can replace silicon manganese while making steel.It can reduce production cost and promote renewable utilization of resources .Main feature: uniform size,feeding accurately,good...Read More