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silicon carbide 80

  • High Quality Silicon Carbide with Different Grade

    High Quality Silicon Carbide with Different GradeSilicon barium alloy is a highly active ferroalloy, join in steelmaking can reduce the occurrence of smoke and flame, the nature of the change of the non-metallic inclusions in steel and distribution. Improve the performance of machining process on the metal.Used for casting production showed a...Read More

  • Black Silicon Carbide SiC 60-90%

    Black Silicon Carbide SiC 60-90%Sic is a kind of metallurgical deoxidizer material that used in steel making. It can enhance the absorption rate of C, Si, Mn and can totally replace ferrosilicon and high manganese carbon. The effect of reducing production cost is obvious. Silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in an...Read More