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SIC 70

  • Ferro Silicon 70%

    Ferro Silicon 70%technical parameters:( granularity is adjustable) Functions 1.In the iron and steel smelting, ferrosilicon often used as deoxidize agent. 2. Improve the hardness, strength, elasticity and permeability of steel. 3. Lower the hysteresis loss of the transformer. 4. To prevent the formation of...Read More

  • 70 Silicon Carbide

    70 Silicon CarbideSIC is a kind of deoxidizer material that used in steel making.It can enhance the absorption rate of C,Si,Mn and can totally replace ferro silicon and high carbon manganese.Obviously increase the comprehensive economic benifits.Read More

  • Silicon Slag 60 65 70 75

    Silicon Slag 60 65 70 751. Silicon slag(off grade silicon) is a by-product when making silicon metal. 2. The silicon slag is much cheaper than purity silicon metal, and has many industrial applications. 3. The silicon content is from 45% to95%, and the rest are C, S, P, Al, SiO2, Fe, Ca etc. 1. It is a good substitute...Read More