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What Should Be Paid Attention In The Construction Of Refractory Castable:(2)
- Dec 06, 2016 -

8, when brick using plastic or wooden hammer taps, bricks tightly, do not use a hammer.

9, fire-resistant cast material construction, should strictly control the amount of water, plus water, 6-8, mixing must be applied evenly to use water should be clean, its PH value should be 6-8, chloride ion content should not exceed 150ppm, do not use excessive water and suspended material water.

10, construction process of refractory castable using the appliance must be cleaned, are free from contamination, particularly to avoid chemical contamination.

11, vibration machines for refractory pouring material in construction, vibrating uniform, when taking the vibrator slowly so as not to make refractory castable cavitation.

12, castable refractory pouring material density should be checked after the release, available light tapping with a hammer, if echo of tinkling, then cast a more dense. While not appear honeycomb, MA. If the honeycomb, pitted larger, you should some chipping away construction again.

13, release castable lining inspected after regular 5-7 days after the temperature, you can move on to the next process.

In the construction process of refractory castables, we must operate strictly in accordance with the rules, pay attention to the above points, and was able to play its full role.

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