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What Should Be Paid Attention In The Construction Of Refractory Castable:(1)
- Dec 06, 2016 -

1, all metal and casting material contact surfaces should be painted asphalt or hanging a ceramic fiber paper.

2, hooks hook slot gaps should be filled with mortar of the brick.

3, all should wear the mortar joints between the bricks < 2.

4, mortar between each of the wear-resisting refractory bricks should fill, do not leave a gap, or boiler flue gas will be made into the increased corrosion or peeling of wear-resisting refractory lining.

5, in the masonry when the wear-resisting refractory bricks, in principle, do not cut, if it proves necessary cutting, each brick is not <1/2 cannot be satisfied, while cutting can be taken two ways.

6, close to the push and pull of hooks in all the bricks from the bottom up, all on the support plate, the next tier should be a long brick and with expansion joints to form a whole stable of furnace wall.

7, all the mortar joints between the bricks should apply refractory mortars, all brick should build along the seam, if the brick corner or end it breaks, crack replaced when good bricks.

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