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Use Of Silica Fume And Refining Methods Of Contact
- Nov 24, 2017 -

What are the primary uses of Silica fume, we take a look at smelting method on it, because different refining methods attribute is not the same, so use the uses and characteristics and are not the same, then how much do our understanding of Silica fume.

Silica fume: how much do we know about its, you know what it is to do it, in fact it belongs to the iron and Silicon ferroalloys, mainly be used deoxidizer in steelmaking iron times. Small series to detail for you below what its uses are.

Alloys of Silicon Powder is a good agent and reducing agent, for the steel-making industry. Chemical affinity between oxygen and silicon, silicon sphere thus is a strong reducing agent for steelmaking, used to precipitate and non reducing. Use of Silica fume high temperature down a lot of heat, in steelmaking in heavy industry, ingot CAP can be used as heat and use to improve the quality of ingots and recovery. Working in cast iron Silicon balls can also be used as inoculants and nodulizing agent. Cast iron is one of the most important metal in modern industry, cheaper than steel, easy to melt refining and has excellent casting performance, than than the seismic capacity of the steel will be much better.

Silica fume can also be used as a reducing agent, then how do we all know that reducing agents should be using this, such as in the process of production, not just has a great affinity between silicon and oxygen, but with reduced carbon content.

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