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Silicon Powder Resistant To Chemical Attack
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Silicon Powder Resistant to chemical attack

Silica powder is a very widely used product in the metallurgical industry, with very good characteristics, then we introduce the characteristics of the durability of silicon powder.

1, frost resistance: When the silicon powder content is small, silica fume concrete frost resistance and ordinary concrete is basically the same, when the silicon powder content of more than 15%, its frost resistance is poor. Through a large number of tests, this view is basically confirmed, the main reason is that when the silicon powder more than 15%, the concrete expansion increased, the relative elastic modulus decreased, compressive strength decreased sharply from the internal characteristics of concrete , The specific surface area is small, the spacing coefficient is large.

2, impermeability: small particles due to silicon particles smaller than the cement particles 20 to 100 times, can be filled into the middle of the cement particles in the gap, so that the concrete dense, while the secondary hydration of silicon powder, the new product blockage Concrete infiltration channel, so the silica fume concrete impermeability is very strong, the permeability of concrete with the increase in the ratio of water to increase, this is because the water-cement than the concrete density is relatively poor.

3, chemical resistance: the incorporation of silica powder in concrete, can reduce the calcium hydroxide content, increase the density of concrete, effectively improve the weak acid corrosion, but in the strong acid or high depth of the weak acid, because the concrete CSH In the acid decomposition, in addition, it can also salt corrosion, especially for the chloride and sulfate, it is able to acid and salt erosion, because the silica fume concrete is more compact, pore structure is improved, thereby reducing the Harmful ion transport rate and reduced the formation of soluble calcium hydroxide and ettringite, while increasing the results of hydrated calcium silicate crystals.

The quality of silicon powder is a key factor affecting the quality of metallurgical products, therefore, in the use of the process, according to the operating instructions to add the use of our manufacturers for many years committed to the production of large silica fume business, welcome to our website to learn more Related knowledge.

Can burn in the air, with the risk of explosion. The smaller the particle size of the silica fume, the lower the lower limit of the explosion, the smaller the minimum ignition energy, and the greater the risk of the silicon dust explosion. The smaller the particle size of the silica fume dust, the easier the suspension, the larger the surface area, the faster the combustion rate, the faster the boost, the greater the explosion pressure. As the initial explosion of dust will rise to the accumulation of dust, in the new space to reach the explosion limit and a secondary explosion, this continuous explosion will produce great damage.