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Silicon Powder Quickly Condense Into
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Silicon Powder Quickly condense into

In the industrial smelting smelting silicon, it will produce a lot of volatile strong silica gas, and these gases once discharged into the air will quickly condense into precipitated substances, micro-silica fume manufacturers to collect these substances , We became familiar with the micro-silica fume. Micro-silica powder is the appearance of white powder, do not look it is only a small powder, it does have a lot of role. The following micro-silica fume manufacturers for everyone to answer in detail.

     First, the micro-silica fume will quickly generate gel-like material after it encounters water, so it can be used to fill the gap between the cement. So in the building materials industry, the use of this powder is very wide. And the micro-silica fume fire resistance and high temperature resistance is also very good, which further enhance the safety of this material.

Second, micro-silica fume can be used as a refractory casting, such as breathable bricks, ladle materials and some high-temperature ceramics which we can add micro-silica fume, so that these materials will become very high temperature, when the process will change Very convenient. And the density and strength of this material are very high, plasticity is also very strong, so in the industrial field of application is very wide.

Third, the micro-silica fume and water reaction, and then dry and specific conditions of the firing, you can form a new smelting materials, and the impurities in this material is very small. Of course, if this can, this powder can also be used as fertilizer and fire extinguishing agent, and in the future believe that its use will be more and more widely, let us wait and see.

The role of micro - silica fume - silica powder and its application

1, significantly improve the compression, bending, impermeability, corrosion, impact resistance and wear resistance.

2, with water, to prevent segregation, bleeding, significantly reduce the role of concrete pumping resistance.

3, significantly extend the service life of concrete. Especially in the chloride salt pollution, sulfate attack, high humidity and other harsh environments, can make the durability of concrete doubled or even several times.

4, a significant reduction in jet concrete and castable floor ash, to improve the thickness of a single spray layer.

5, is the necessary components of high-strength concrete, has C150 concrete engineering applications.