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Silicon Powder Product Identification
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Silicon Powder Product identification

Product identification editor

At present, most of the domestic production of silicon powder and micro-silica fume manufacturers of the two concepts confused, only from the literal meaning to understand the two as a product. In fact, silicon powder and micro-silica fume is a big difference, it is because the concept of the two is not clear, to China's silicon powder and micro-silica fume market caused confusion, resulting in a lot of trade negotiations, micro-silica fume market price Far below the international market, but also to China's silicon powder and micro-silica fume market, the international reputation has brought a greater negative impact. With the foreign silicon powder and micro-silica fume understanding of the deepening of silicon powder and micro-silica fume has been widely used, its commercial advantages and a wide range of market space gradually highlighted. In order to distinguish the relationship between the two, to clarify the chaos of the market and reduce the loss of enterprises, I will from the appearance, performance, production processes, use, indicators, market conditions and other aspects of these two products to do a specific analysis.

At present, the world only China, the United States, Germany and a few countries with silicon powder production capacity, China's silicon powder market is mainly in the country, concentrated in Anhui Fengyang, Zhejiang Huzhou, Jiangsu Lianyungang and other places, exports relative Relatively small, more exports of South Korea and Japan, the domestic production of silicon powder larger enterprises are Anhui Ina high-tech Co., Ltd. and the East China Sea silicon powder plant, the monthly output of more than 1,000 tons. The acceleration of the solar energy industry has led to the rapid growth of market demand for silicon powder, silicon powder showed a shortage situation. According to the relevant information, domestic production of solar photovoltaic converter with silicon powder manufacturers of more than 170, of which Shanghai accounted for about 40, therefore, silicon powder in the country have great market demand and potential. Micro-silica fume market more concentrated in foreign countries, foreign research on micro-silica fume has been for decades, the micro-silica fume research system, many countries set up a corresponding research institutions, the establishment of the corresponding production plant, the United States In 1983, the use of micro-silica fume concrete in the repair of a Kinzua dam powerhouse saved tens of millions of dollars. The micro-silica fume in China also belongs to a large-scale industrial by-products, most of the industrial silicon production per 3 tons of industrial silicon can be recycled 1 ton of micro-silica fume. In the past, most companies have not paid enough attention to the recovery of micro-silica fume. Some of the larger enterprises have recovered from the micro-silica fume. They have only been stacked on one side and have not found the value and benefits. Most of the content is not up to the domestic enterprises by its quality, most do not dare to buy these products, China's micro-silica fume market also presents a disorderly state, the market remains to be further development. Foreign use in the micro-silica fume has been a huge economic benefits. Such as Norway's Aiken every year from China to buy a large number of low-priced micro-silica fume, the Northwest Ferroalloy and other domestic ferroalloy manufacturers most of the micro-silica fume are acquired every year by the company, after the domestic processing at high prices sold to domestic buildings , Cement, fertilizer and other fields, of which a lot of money, Aiken company annual sales of micro-silica fume of 250,000 tons, called the micro-silica fume industry is an absolute leader. The domestic special micro-silica fume to do little business, the larger production or the Northwest region of several large ferroalloy enterprises, environmental protection equipment standards, the recovery of micro-silica fume from the relatively high content of the domestic micro-silica fume market has not Fully developed, so there is still a lot of market space. But the micro-silica fume resources are limited, with the country to strengthen the environmental protection efforts, in the mandatory provisions of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon manufacturers to install environmental dust removal equipment at the same time inhibit the excessive development of high energy consumption industry policy, micro-silica fume Resources will be more and more rich. Therefore, the businessmen in the face of the relevant preferential policies to cancel at the same time, should take the initiative to find the recovery of soot caused by micro-silica fume market benefits. The main reason for the current impact of micro-silica fume prices is to focus on the cost of recycling equipment, power consumption, and its physical characteristics brought about by the packaging options, whether the encryption and transportation costs. Micro-silica fume in-depth research, development and utilization of industrial dust industry in China related to the development of the future. In short, in the micro-silica fume to enhance the understanding of the same time, the business should also be more proactive to find business opportunities and enhance the vitality of the entire micro-silica fume market to make it warming.

Silica powder is made of natural quartz (SiO2) or fused silica (natural quartz by high temperature melting, cooling after the amorphous SiO2) by crushing, grinding (or vibration, air mill), flotation, pickling purification, high purity water treatment Road technology from the processing of the powder. Micro-silica fume is also called silica fume or condensed silica fume, it was called silicon powder. Is ferroalloy in the smelting of ferrosilicon and industrial silicon (metal silicon), the submerged arc furnace to produce a large number of highly volatile SiO2 and Si gas, gas emissions and rapid oxidation of air after condensation and precipitation. It is a by-product of large industrial smelting, the entire process requires the use of dust and environmental protection equipment for recycling, because the quality is relatively light, but also need to use encryption equipment for encryption. In the actual transaction process, many manufacturers regard the silicon powder as a micro-silica fume, but because the two are essentially different, so in the course of the transaction tend to produce bias, so that manufacturers provide product indicators and demand side indicators of the existence of indicators Very different.