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Silicon Carbide Manufacturers Share The Importance Of Its Use
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Silicon Carbide has a lot of performance, and often include casting of silicon carbide, but then some people disagree. So today we're bringing you analysis, uses SIC and SIC is not used in the end what is the difference between, can help you to sic a correct understanding.

After large of promotion, casting with SIC has became market development of a process, especially now most manufacturers has began using SIC, especially cast iron melting Shi joined SIC, for gray cast iron, due to non-balance graphite of pre gave birth to role, can improve total Crystal mission large formed and growth of temperature (reduced relative supercooled degrees), conducive to formed a, type graphite; also can for Crystal nuclear number increased, makes tablets-like graphite small, improve graphite of degree reduced white mouth tendencies, to improve mechanical performance.

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