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Silicon Ball A State Of Silicon Form
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Silicon Ball A state of silicon form

As we all know, the same volume of aluminum and patch, that aluminum is lighter than the patch, which is why, in fact, this is usually said that the proportion of different, in simple terms, the proportion is a cubic centimeter volume of material how many grams of weight , After verification, the proportion of iron than the proportion of aluminum, so the same volume of aluminum than the iron light, that these and we want to introduce the knowledge of what relationship, see the following description of it

    It was determined that the specific gravity of silicon was 2.4 g / cm cube, which was smaller than iron. We know that ferrosilicon is an alloy of silicon and iron. The same volume of two ferrosilicon, which contains more silicon, that is, the less the iron content of the lighter; the other hand, the less the amount of silicon reclamation, that is, the more iron the heavier the iron. It can be seen that the silicon content of silicon in the more, the smaller the proportion; the other hand, the less the amount of silicon, the greater the proportion. Silicon ball is also called silicon slag ball, mainly used in the steel industry. In the steel industry can be used as an alternative to ferrosilicon products. The silicon ball is made of silicon powder in two states of silicon form. Silica powder, also known as micro-silica fume scientific name "silica fume", is the industrial furnace in the high-temperature smelting industrial silicon and ferrosilicon process, with the exhaust gas escape dust collected by a special collection device. But there are many manufacturers to silicon as a raw material for the preparation of silicon powder, which is better and more application is Raymond law, it is a shock crushing.

   China's research on silicon powder history is not long, only 10 years time, in the plant concrete doped silicon powder 3% to 7%, to improve the early strength, speed up the template turnover, to achieve the desired effect, in the diversion tunnel injection of concrete, silicon Powder 715%, in order to reduce the amount of concrete rebound, the South Academy in the Dahuofang reservoir project, Longyangxia drainage structures and Gezhouba drainage sluice repair projects are used silica fume concrete, the effect is better, The results show that the durability of silica fume concrete and the cement paste of cement powder are studied. In the foundation consolidation grouting of Ertan hydropower station, the overflow surface restoration project of Panjia dam, Ankang and diversion spillway Repair and other projects used in the silica fume concrete, silica fume cement grouting. All this shows that silica fume concrete as a high performance concrete in the application of engineering is increasingly important, so its performance, especially its strength and durability of the research is also much attention.