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Non-oxygen Metal Silicon Prices Temporarily Stabilized
- Jun 07, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-6-7: Oxygenated metal silicon market recently inquiry positive, the factory will further adjust the market price, but not oxygen 553 # metal silicon recently in the price has been in a more stable state, the Production areas are currently the main order, the factory said the recent price did not change the meaning, but also hope that the market price can be stable development.

The majority of the factory in Sichuan has started or ready to start, 553 # non-oxygenated metal silicon prices in the 10150 yuan / ton up and down; Chongqing factory production stability, the current 553 # non-oxygen port actual transaction price of 10350-10400 yuan / ton; Qinghai 553 # non-oxygen metal silicon factory price of 9800 yuan / ton; Inner Mongolia 553 # non-oxygen metal silicon factory price of 9900-10000 yuan / ton. By the downstream demand constraints, the current 553 # non-oxygen metal silicon price fluctuations will not be large.