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Nodularizer Silicon Magnesium Alloy (Nodularizer)
- May 05, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017 - 5 - 2: April rare earth market dominate the market is still

 raw materials, even in the separation plant started to improve the situation, 

in the storage, rare earth and environmental protection under the influence of some 

The raw material market to the good, rare earth metal market in the raw materials 

under the support of the slow rise in the end of the market price of magnetic materials

 is still difficult to raise raw material procurement, raw materials, raw materials,

 raw materials, raw materials, raw materials, Cautious; rare earth ferroalloy rare earth magnesium 

stability, rare earth silicon price increases,the market outlook bullish enthusiasm.

 Rare Earth Mine

As shown in the table below, this month, rare earth ore prices stable.

Rare earth mine in April although the stability, but the downstream oxide market 

in the supply side of the reform trend, May praseodymium neodymium oxide, 

lanthanum oxide or so will continue to raise prices, which play a certain role in rare earth mine, 

Prices in the current market under the possibility of a larger increase.

Origin        March 31    April 30       ups and downs Remarks

Sichuan 70%   1.9-2.1     1.9-2.1         flat yuan / ton, excluding tax

Jiangxi 92%   12-13       12-13           flat yuan / ton, including tax

Jiangxi 92%   9.7-11     9.7-11           flat yuan / ton, excluding tax