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Ningxia Limited Good Profit Silicomanganese Sharply Higher Prices
- Dec 07, 2017 -

Ningxia, main producer of silicomanganese pay close attention to environmental protection, following the Pingluo County government requirements shut down 20000KVA below the furnace, the recent Zhongwei issued another stop production rectification notice, Zhongwei Municipal People's Government issued on the city area within the ferroalloy, calcium carbide, silicon carbide production Rectification of the emergency notice. All ferroalloy, calcium carbide and silicon carbide enterprises in the municipal area will be suspended and rectified, and the shutdown will be started at 20:00 on the evening of December 1, and the power supply department will power off the units on December 2, 2017. Affected, Zhongwei area involved ferroalloy shut down. However, due to Zhongwei Si-Mn enterprises involved in production capacity itself is not large, therefore, the move for the production of Si-Mn Ning less affected. Currently, the production capacity of manganese and manganese in Ningxia mainly comes from the shutdown of the furnace below 20000KVA in Pingluo, and the monthly output of silicomanganese is estimated to be about 20-30,000 tons