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Market Trend Of Import Of Silicon Metal As Of End Of November 2017
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Market Trend of Import of Silicon Metal as of End of November 2017

   The main price of 553 grade in the current Chinese domestic market is CNY12,200 - CNY12,300 per ton per ton, down by CNY2,200 - CNY2,300 from the end of October. 

All the prices of other grades of 441, 3303 and 2202 were down. Such reasons for the above are provided as 

(1) The productions by Xinjiang Uyghur (ranks first in the domestic production) and Sichuan (ranks third ditto) are going to make a recovery

(2) Customers' buying motivation is lowered with the coming of long holidays (from 1st to 8th of October) of China National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

(3) Traders have lots of inventories

(4) Production of aluminium alloy is anticipated to decrease due to the regulation on operation in Hebei and its surrounding areas

 (5) The operating rate will be down due to the long holidays (from 3rd to 9th of October) from National Foundation Day to Hangul Proclamation Day 

(6) There is a rumor the period for application of a cheap electricity rate for a full-water season will be extended in Yunnan, which leads to a strong expectation of a further price fall, and many of the customers look to the future with some optimism by saying they will take an action after confirming the market trend after the holidays are over.