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Mainstream Cored Wire Lacks Market
- May 05, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-05-05: According to this site to understand, since early May, 

the core line of domestic and international market operating conditions are in peacekeeping stability, 

the domestic mainstream package core products market price stability without adjustment, export market

 prices hold Stable operation.According to the recent export transaction statistics, silicon calcium 

(ca30si60 ∮ 13mm) mainstream transaction price of 1240-1260 US dollars / ton, calcium calcium line 

(ca28si55 ∮ 13mm) for the 1220-1240 US dollars / ton; Line (ca98% min ∮ 9mm) for 1460-1480 US 

dollars / ton, (FOB price, Tianjin Port).

Since the second quarter of 2017, the domestic demand for terminal steel market has been in a weak state, 

and no greater boost, so far the majority of downstream traders expect foreign steel market. Since April, 

the export volume of the core line is not very optimistic, coupled with foreign manufacturers continue 

to suppress the purchase price, but also makes the export price of long-term low. Coupled with the core line 

upstream and downstream market no positive factors support, short-term mainstream package core line export

 market is difficult to pick up trend.

This week, the mainstream core of the core wire metal calcium wire, cold rolled strip, rare earth magnesium 

powder and other products market prices remain stable, the more negative is the silicon calcium alloy product 

market prices Yindie constantly domestic core products market prices continued At the bottom. Bombard wire on 

the current domestic and international market operating conditions, the core line products in the market-free stage.

Expected in May, the mainstream cored wire export market prices will be stable operation, foreign procurement 

demand boost difficulties.