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Introduction Of Ferroalloy Smelting Silicon-calcium Alloy
- Dec 06, 2016 -

The classification of ferro-alloys in our industry is a big, for our industrial development has brought great convenience, we have many products in Ferroalloy industry, development of Ferroalloy industry for us to play a very big role, calcium-Silicon alloy is one of a kind products, metallurgical knowledge: how much do you know about it? Here we are professional manufacturer for analysis of Ferroalloy smelting Silicon-calcium alloy knowledge.

Calcium silicate is a deoxidizer and desulfurizer, is mainly used for deoxidation. Calcium Silicon alloys are a few iron-containing silicon and calcium of binary alloys. With the development of continuous casting and ladle ladle refining, consumption of calcium-Silicon alloy increases rapidly. Calcium-Silicon alloy production method in one step and two step two. Is one step in a furnace, and produced by reduction of silica and lime-calcium-Silicon alloy two-step is the first in an electric arc furnace to produce calcium carbide (or high-carbon ferrosilicon), plus silica and calcium carbide and Coke (or high-carbon ferrosilicon lime) in another furnace to produce Silicon-calcium alloy. One step is made up of mixed feed and separate feed law. Mixed feeding method is to silica, lime and Coke added to restore electric furnace. Carbon both CaO and SiO2 and SI-CA alloy. In order to reduce calcium oxide and silica exposure in order to reduce the formation of Cao-SiO2. Separate feed method is first and Coke with lime (the amount generated by the reaction of calcium carbide calculation) and in the vicinity of the electrode, molten CaO CaC2 as possible and silica and the remaining mixture into the furnace to produce Silicon-calcium alloy. II footwork has two species, a is first will lime and coke carbon in a Taiwan furnace within production out lime and carbide again will carbide broken and coke carbon and Silicon stone with in another a Taiwan furnace within production out Silicon calcium alloy, another a is first in a Taiwan furnace in the production out high silicon ferrosilicon, then with high silicon ferrosilicon for restore agent in furnace in restore oxidation calcium and business have Silicon calcium alloy.

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