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Inoculant Is Indispensable To The Metallurgical Materials
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Data show that hot metal containing trace amounts of o, n, h, in which dissolved oxygen and dissolved nitrogen, are closely related to breeds. The oxygen reacts with silicon in molten iron silicon dioxide Crystal, graphite crystals of exotic nuclei, to promote the role of graphite. Gave birth to agent in the CA, and Mg, and Mn, and Al, and Ce, and La generated sulfide, SI, and Mg, and CA, and Al, and Ba generated oxide, SI, and Al, and CA, and SR, and Ba generated carbide, and SI, and Al, and Ti, and ZR, and CE generated nitride real, reduced excess dissolved nitrogen content, prevent white mouth tendencies; CE, and La and Bi, and Pb, and SB, and

Te, As, SN intermetallic compounds, trace interference suppression the negative effect of the elements.

In short, iron sulfides, oxides, nitrides, carbides, in rare earth compounds are graphite core material. People these Inoculants metal, its role is small, improving the mechanical, physical, and processing performance. New type of inoculant modern casting, and inoculation method is an important means of improving the performance of cast iron. Unfortunately, until now, still has a lot of gray cast iron and nodular cast iron for Foundry Enterprise time of still adding 0. 6-0. 8% and a large number of 75# ferrosilicon inoculant levels.

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