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Inner Mongolia Unreasonable Oxygen Metal Prices Temporarily Stable
- May 16, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-5-16: In the southern region has not started a large area of the occasion, the current part of the 553 # non-oxygen market prices in the near future there is a slight increase in the situation, the reason is that the market supply shortage, and Raw material market prices are high and so on. But also because of the arrival of the wet period, the downstream market purchases are limited or delayed, also led to 553 non-oxygen market price fluctuations are not large.

Inner Mongolia 553 # non-oxygenated metal silicon recently included in the factory price of 10100 yuan / ton, while the actual transaction price is 10,000 yuan / ton up and down the float. On the recent price movements, the factory should still stabilize the main, after all, the downstream market to accept the price is limited, in the wet season price adjustment is also due to the shortage of market supply. 553 # non-oxygen factory that the market is now basically no inventory in the state, the middle and lower reaches of the market inquiry positive, but the price is still serious.