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History Of The Ferroalloy
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Composition and purpose that we all have a certain understanding of Ferroalloy, Fe history, a lot of people are very fuzzy, Kangxin m today to share it with you: the development of Ferroalloy, as well as in domestic and international impact. First we said Ferroalloy of origin, first is in 1860 began of, just began is with Crucible smelting low grade of Ferroalloy, at of development for, at production of most are is high carbon of, with social of development, high carbon cannot meet stainless steel and stainless steel of development, so in 1920 yihou low carbon Ferroalloy application and health, instead of high carbon Ferroalloy, development to now, in the carbon carpet micro-carbon complex iron also gradually appeared in Ferroalloy market, widely of application in daily of industrial production

Mainly is done by electric furnace Ferroalloy production, Ferroalloy production, demand for electricity is very large, on the international scene France is the first country to production of Ferro-, the biggest exporter in Norway, both in ferroalloys market, performance and local rich hydropower resources are inseparable. After several years of development, China has achieved outstanding development of Ferroalloy industry. Position in international ferroalloys market has gradually improved, I believe that in the future development of Chinese Ferroalloy industry will make greater achievement.

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