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Henan Province Organizes Special Law Enforcement Inspections On The Management Of Unorganized Emissions In Key Industries Such As Steel
- Dec 07, 2017 -

In order to comprehensively and thoroughly implement the "Strengthening Measures for Prevention and Cure of Atmospheric Pollution in Autumn and Winter of 2017-2018 in Henan Province" (Yuhuanqianjianban [2017] No. 241), and to promote the implementation of a comprehensive discharge standard for industrial pollution sources, the Henan Provincial Department of Environmental Protection decided to implement the " Within the organization, special enforcement inspection activities on unorganized emission control in key industries such as steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, coking and thermal power were launched to crack down on illegal activities that exceeded the emission standards and to raise the illegal costs of enterprises. Forced enterprises to consciously carry out pollution control and comprehensively promote regional environmental air Quality improvement.

The special law enforcement inspection from November 1, 2017 onwards until March 31, 2018, mainly to check the key industries and enterprises peak production and implementation of limited production and key industries unorganized emissions control.

Among them, from November 1 to November 15, 2017, the first phase will focus on verifying that unmanaged emission control work is completed by October 31, 2017 in industries such as steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, thermal power, coking and boiler materials (including waste residues) , And to verify that key industries are completing VRO control by September 30, 2017. Provincial Corps has dispatched eight inspectors and went to special inspections across the province to supervise and urge all localities to strictly implement it.