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Ferrosilicon Market Raised Steadily
- Nov 13, 2017 -

This week Chinese domestic ferrosilicon market ran well and the price rose due to its shortage. ferrosilicon price kept rising, this week Fesi72# rose by 100rmb/mt to 5700-5800rmb/mt, Fesi75# rose by 100-200rmb/mt to 5800-6000rmb/mt. After asking the insiders, we learned that there were some reasons causing the price raised again, one was the shortage of ferrosilicon, another was the increasing demand of market, which imbalanced the supply and demand of the market. As for the four main ferrosilicon producing provinces, the output of the three were stable except Ningxia province. These days, the price kept rising, some companies closed at   the beginning of this year want to open again, however, because of the higher  electric charge, most companies still are waiting and seeing. Moreover, so far the environmental supervision this year may be the most severe one, and the policy protecting the mountain and water affects silica short and its price increasing, plus the rising of coal price, all of these causing the ferrosilicon price raising.