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Ferromanganese Alloy Production Of Energy - Saving Measures
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Ferromanganese Alloy Production of energy - saving measures

Energy Saving Measures for Production of Mn - Si Alloy

With the world's energy consumption concerns, energy saving has become an important part of manganese silicon alloy industry, but also the key to business survival.

Manganese silicon alloy production of electric furnace and blast furnace method two, China's main use of electric furnace production, reduce power consumption can start from the following aspects.

1, to improve the charge resistance

The fundamental idea of saving electricity is to improve the active power of the arc resistance furnace. According to the power formula (P = I2R), improve the R material, thereby increasing the active power.

2, adjust the amount of coke and the size of the grading

Coke layer is too thick, the electrode lift, the molten pool temperature is low, the melt from the furnace discharge poor; coke layer is too thin, the electrode inserted too deep, easy to slag, deterioration furnace conditions, affecting power consumption. Both cases will lead to increased slag ratio, increase power consumption. Therefore, it is important to control the appropriate coke thickness, which can be achieved by adjusting the particle size.

3, reduce the slag ratio

Reduce the slag ratio can reduce heat loss, improve the recovery rate of manganese, effectively reduce power consumption. The main measures include increasing the reduction rate of Mn and Si and increasing the furnace temperature.

4, reasonable slag type

Slag composition determines the appropriate smelting temperature, alkalinity, viscosity, electrical and other factors, and affect the elements in the alloy and the distribution of slag. The ideal slag composition of Mn-Si alloy is MnO8% ~ 10%, CaO12% ~ 15%, MgO4% ~ 5%, SiO2 32% ~ 36%, Al2O334 ~ 43%.

5, to improve the quality of ore into the furnace

For manganese-silicon alloy smelting, improve the manganese grade into the furnace, can improve the recovery rate of manganese, reduce power consumption. Manganese ore grade is low, the amount of slag, reducing agent, flux consumption increased, resulting in increased power. Experiments show that the grade of ore into the furnace every 1 down

%, Will consume 64kWh / t more electricity.

6, select a reasonable smelting cycle

The period of the manganese smelting furnace is determined by the volume of the reaction zone in the furnace and the degree of reduction of the Mn and Si in the slag. The actual production is usually based on the phenomenon of "slagging" in the furnace. Appropriate to extend the smelting time, so as to achieve the manganese-silicon alloy submerged arc furnace to achieve low slag than smelting operation. As a result of the furnace to improve the power to ensure that the furnace coke reaction zone of high temperature conditions, so that Mn, Si reduction rate greatly improved, saving energy. But the smelting time can not be too long, otherwise the iron temperature is too high will cause the alloy of manganese volatilization loss, reduce the recovery of Mn. In addition, the MnO content has been close to the reduction of the balance of "slag", stay in the furnace, will increase the smelting power consumption. Thus, according to the specific operating conditions, through practice to determine a reasonable smelting time.

7, slag operation

It is Japan's first proposed new ferroalloy technology, which is characterized by the use of slag resistance heat instead of conventional arc heat, to promote the furnace reaction area to expand, to reduce power consumption, improve the recovery of silicon and manganese and Production and reduce the purpose of power consumption.