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Ferromanganese Alloy Mineral Raw Material Characteristics
- May 27, 2017 -


"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-5-27: Recently ferrosilicon market, since last week after the price increase, although the transaction, but the transaction volume compared to before the price adjustment has been reduced, plus the end of the period, 6 Month steel tender is underway, in the overall steel tender situation is not clear, traders purchase more cautious, slow pace of turnover.

At present, the main producing areas of the factory manufacturers prices are higher, mostly concentrated in the 72 # 5350-5400 yuan / ton, 75 # 5550-5600 yuan / ton, the majority of small and medium enterprises in the price of 72 # 5200-5300 yuan / ton, 75 # 5450-5500 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price of some factories slightly lower, the overall market spread still exists. On the one hand because of the nature of the region, similar to the Shaanxi region are generally more than the local magnesium plant, mostly in the production for sale from the state, the goods go local, the price is slightly lower, and Shaanxi 72 iron production is not large, the majority of trade Business, the overall price is low. On the other hand is the business concerns about the price increase, the transaction to take the volume reduction, once the backlog of inventory, the price will not stop to begin to decline.