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Ferroalloy The Development Is Very Rapid
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Ferroalloy The development is very rapid

Ferroalloy industry development in our country very quickly, at present our country are the future of ferroalloy has already made a plan, follow below ferroalloy manufacturers together to have a look at the future development of ferroalloys.

In the future, China's ferroalloy industry will focus on transforming the development mode, controlling the total volume, eliminating backward production capacity and improving the overall equipment level. Optimize industrial layout and resource allocation to improve industrial concentration; Implement the "go out" strategy to enhance the international competitiveness and realize the comprehensive and sustainable development of China's ferroalloy industry. We will vigorously eliminate backward production capacity and strictly control new projects. By eliminating backward production capacity and controlling new projects, the technology and equipment level of ferroalloy electric furnace in China is improved. Rational allocation of resources, energy, energetically developing circular economy. In to develop the ferroalloy industry circulation economy, to do the following: one is for the comprehensive utilization of manganese ore, chrome ore resources effectively, improve the utilization efficiency of resources, energy, promote implementation of manganese ore enrichment and dephosphorization method, preheating and ore prereduction process, sinter, pellets, powder ore block technique. The second is to optimize the mix ratio of the domestic poor and imported ore, improve the grade of the ore in the furnace, and ensure that the energy consumption index and the recovery rate of the main elements are reached at a certain level. The third is the comprehensive utilization and recycling of gas, cinder and smoke in semi-closed and closed electric furnace.

In the future, China's iron alloy development industry will realize the development of transnational, cross-industry and other aspects, and promote the large scale and expansion of industry. Because of the scarcity of ferroalloys in China, the global economy has also fallen, because ferroalloys are mainly used in steel smelting as a steel deoxidizer, and the role of ferroalloys in steel is introduced.

As an important industry in steel industry, ferroalloy is one of the important raw materials of steelmaking and is the constituent of steel. Ferroalloys have two functions in the process of smelting and smelting: one is deoxygenation, the iron alloy is one of the deoxidizer, and is the most commonly used deoxidizer. The second is alloying, steelmaking according to the steel to join various kinds of ferroalloys, the production of various quality steel, alloy steel, to meet the national economy, national defense construction multiple needs.

The majority of modern iron smelting is made of high furnace iron, and some of them adopt direct reduction iron method and electric furnace iron method. Iron ore is used to reduce iron ore in blast furnace and smelting into pig iron. This method is easy to operate, low energy consumption and low cost, which can be produced in large quantities. Pig iron is used for castings except for parts. Most of it is used for making steel. Due to the increasing shortage of high quality coke coal used in blast furnace smelting, there is a non - blast furnace ironmaking method using other energy without coke.

Ferroalloys are used in iron smelting because they are easy to melt in steel, so they are used in iron smelting.