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Ferro Silicon Ferrosilicon And Its Nature And Use
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Ferro Silicon Ferrosilicon and its nature and use

Ferrosilicon and its nature and use

1, what is ferrosilicon, what are the characteristics of its use?

Ferrosilicon is widely used as a ferroalloy species. It is a certain proportion of silicon and iron ferrosilicon alloy, steel is an indispensable material.

Ferrosilicon is the deoxidizer for steelmaking, the alloying agent for smelting steel, smelting spring steel and heat-resistant steel, and adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon as alloying agent.

Production practice has proved that the oxygen in the steel will significantly deteriorate the nature of steel, reducing the mechanical properties of steel. Therefore, the steelmaking process must be deoxidized. Oxygen is present in the steel in the form of ferrous oxide (FeO). Silicon is a strong element with oxygen binding capacity. After the addition of ferrosilicon in the steelmaking process, the following deoxidation reaction occurs:

2FeO + Si = 2Fe + SiO2

Where silica (SiO2) is the product after deoxidation, it is lighter than the molten steel, floating steel surface into the slag, so take off the steel oxygen to improve the quality of steel.

Silicon and oxygen binding force is very strong, so smelting some varieties of ferroalloy, but also useful as a reducing agent for ferrosilicon, such as tungsten iron, aluminum and iron. In the case of tungsten iron, the reaction of tungsten oxide with silicon in ferrosilicon is as follows:

2WO3 + 3Si = 2W + 3SiO2

Silicon also has a low electrical conductivity, poor thermal conductivity and magnetic properties of the important physical properties. Therefore, silicon steel (silicon containing about 2 ~ 4%) when the ferrosilicon can be used as a gold alloy. Silicon steel sheet is one of the power industry materials, use it as transformer and motor core, can greatly reduce the hysteresis loss, to meet the transformer and motor operation technical requirements. Such as the use of ordinary carbon steel sheet silicon steel for the core, then the transformer and the motor heat increased by 3 to 6 times. This will reduce the power factor of the device, will also cause the device to run overheating, so that it can not function properly.

The above is the main use of ferrosilicon.

In addition, some of the pig iron cast iron by adding a small amount of iron can improve its mechanical properties; when pouring molten steel, to the insulation cap by adding ferrosilicon powder, can play a role in the heat. These are not the main uses of ferrosilicon, and this is not described in detail.

From the above can be seen, in order to ensure the quality of steel, we must first ensure that the quality of ferrosilicon, which should stabilize the composition, reduce impurities. When the ferrosilicon composition is too large, or too much slag and impurity content, will reduce the quality of steel, especially alloy steel ferrosilicon, its quality should be better.

According to the ferrosilicon standard issued by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry (YB 58-65), the requirements for ferrosilicon are:

YB 58-65

This standard applies to steel for the deoxidizer or alloying agent with ferrosilicon.