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Ferro Silicon
- May 03, 2017 -

Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon uses coke, quartz (or silica) as raw material and is made by electric

furnace.Ferro silicon is widely used in the steel making,iron casting ,low-carbon ferroalloy


1 、In the steel making field,Ferro silicon is used as deoxidizer and alloying agent to

precipit and diffuse deoxidation

2 、In the iron casting,it is used as ball mile agent and alloying agent especially in the

nodular iron casting

3 、High-silicon ferrosilicon can be used for the production of the low-carbon reductant in

ferro alloy industry.

4 、In addition ,ferro silicon powder can be used as a suspended phase in the mineral

processing industry and coatings for welding electrodes in the electrode manufactruing.