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EU Anti - Dumping Sanctions Against China 's Seamless Steel Pipe
- May 16, 2017 -

May 12, 2017, the European Commission issued a notice that the originating in China's seamless steel pipe (seamlesspipesandtubesofironorsteel) to make anti-dumping final ruling, China's products involved in the incident imposed 29.2% to 54.9% of the anti-dumping duties. The products involved in the European Union CN (Combined Nomenclature) are encoded as 73041990, ex73042990, 73043998 and 73045999 (EU TARIC code 7304299090). China's enterprises involved in the anti-dumping duties applicable to the table below:

February 13, 2016, on behalf of the European Union Stainless Steel Pipe Industry Protection Committee (TheDefenceCommitteeChealthySeamlessSteelTubesIndustryoftheEuropeanUnion) on behalf of the seamless steel pipe production in the EU accounted for more than 25% of the total output of similar products in the EU manufacturers on January 4, 2016 application, the European Commission China 's Seamless Steel Pipeline for anti - dumping investigation. The dumping and damage investigation period for this case is from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. November 11, 2016, the European Commission issued a notice on the origin of China's seamless steel pipe to make anti-dumping preliminary ruling, ruling on China's products involved 43.5% to 81.1% of the provisional anti-dumping duties.