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Discussion On New Type Of Inoculant
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Water vapor in the sky any more, no dust cannot form raindrops. Similarly iron with graphite, trash as the Crystal core, but in order to improve the graphite morphology and crystal type, new type of inoculant have become of high strength gray iron, ductile iron, vermicular graphite cast iron changes the metallographic microstructure, mechanical properties and physical properties essential to add material.

Inoculant is the main element of Silicon Si, followed by Ca, and Ba, Sr, and AJ, and Ti, and ZR, Mn, and Cr, b, c, Bi, and Sb, CE, La, besides the Si element content is only a few percent, and inoculant amount up to 0. 5%, enters the amount of molten iron alloys, to less than the alloy into molten iron 112 orders of magnitude, it is difficult to effect of alloy composition analysis of the increased inoculation some elements of cast iron solidification are not detected, will suffice to illustrate these elements did not play the role of intergranular space occupying.

Data show that hot metal containing trace amounts of o, n, h, in which dissolved oxygen and dissolved nitrogen, are closely related to breeds. The oxygen reacts with silicon in molten iron silicon dioxide Crystal, graphite crystals of exotic nuclei, to promote the role of graphite. Gave birth to agent in the CA, and Mg, and Mn, and Al, and Ce, and La generated sulfide, SI, and Mg, and CA, and Al, and Ba generated oxide, SI, and Al, and CA, and SR, and Ba generated carbide, and SI, and Al, and Ti, and ZR, and CE generated nitride real, reduced excess dissolved nitrogen content, prevent white mouth tendencies; CE, and La and Bi, and Pb, and SB, and Te, and As, and SN generated metal between compounds, inhibit trace interference elements of negative role.

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