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Chonqing High Electricity Price,Metal Silicon Factory Started Low Enthusiasm
- May 22, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017 - 5 - 22: metal prices rose in late May, the market turnover is also relatively weak, although the end of the second quarter, downstream delivery to, but the market has not yet shown an active atmosphere. At present, the price of electricity in Chongqing is above 4.3 gross, and the price is not superior to that in the north. There is no advantage in the area where the price of the other is about to enter the peak period. The production cost is high and the factory profit is limited.

As in previous years, every 5-6 months in Chongqing factory enthusiasm to start to say that weakened, the main production of oxygen 553 # metal silicon factory in the wet season spot surge, the market price decline in the case of ready to stop production. Last year, the water market is all the way down this year, the market volatility, prices slightly changed to the end of May, the price is still at a stable level, but also by environmental factors such as environmental factors. According to the author to understand, to the market more bearish mood in June, Chongqing factory is currently not planned to put into production, most only open one to maintain the old customers.

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