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Analysis Of Alloy Cored Wire
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Cored wire is to join the liquid steel or of various additives in liquid iron (deoxidizer, desulfurizer, alterative, alloys, etc) breaking into a certain size, then cold-rolled low carbon steel with including it as a composite of any length.

According to the different needs, different alloys cored wire can be made.

Carbon steel carbon cored of cored wire for the purpose of order desulphurization for the purpose of rare earth-mg-SI-CA alloy cored wire, with the purpose of alloy to add all kinds of high-grade alloys cored wire, iron-calcium cored wire, aluminium calcium core wire. So the use of these alloys cored wire then what is it?

Cored wire technology is 80 in injection metallurgy technology developed on the basis of a means of refining. Cored wires suitable for steel-making and casting. Used in clean steel inclusion morphology, improve steel casting of, improved performance, and can significantly increase yield, reduced consumption, reduce cost, significant economic benefits. Benefit adjustments and controls oxygen-sensitive element and the content of trace elements, can significantly increase the yield and lower smelting cost and shorten the time, accurately control the ingredients.

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