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Metal Silicon Week Review (6.5-6.9)
- Jun 09, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-6-9: Metal silicon market this week, a slight upward trend in the region, the regional silicon factory spot is small, the inventory pressure is small, coupled with rising raw material prices, production costs are too high, most of the factory offer Mention 100-200 yuan / ton. Downstream buyers are also in the state of tight delivery inquiry active, positive procurement.

Metallurgical level:

Metallurgical products this week, active trading, metal silicon non-oxygen 553 # take the goods less than May, due to some factories in Yunnan, Yunnan, the production of unrealized oxygen 553 # market spot is not so tense, and the downstream aluminum plant also use 97 # Alternative part of the 553 # products, so 553 # non-oxygen in the performance of this week's turnover is not prominent, most factories offer temporary stability. Oxygen 553 #, 551 #, 441 # and other spot slightly tense, around the factory offer a slight upward phenomenon, the downstream buyers in the case of goods is not easy to accept 50-100 yuan / ton of floating. High grade 3303 #, 2502 #, 2202 # and other products in Yunnan offer also began to mention, varying degrees higher 100-300 yuan / ton, while the Fujian area 2 prefix spot is not much, the factory started production normal, take goods to maintain the old customers , Price stability.

Chemical level:

After the end of this week is about to enter the middle of June, and the downstream part of the silicone plant has not yet set the chemical grade metal silicon monthly order, because some of the inventory to be consumed, the pricing process is not impatient, the price problem is still on the upstream status. Silicon plant on the raw material prices caused by rising costs and continue to offer a strong offer, but the silicone plant because of its large inventory, and the individual downtime repair, consumption decline, coupled with last month's water price decline a few cents, electricity The cost has reduced hundreds of pieces, the downstream lower prices significantly. The current 421 # acceptance to the factory price is still maintained at 12600-12800 yuan / ton, the port cash price 421 # in 12000-12200 yuan / ton, 411 # in 12100-12300 yuan / ton.