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Silicon And Manganese Narrow Range Of Chaos Calm Market
- Jun 09, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-6-9: Recently, silicon manganese spot trading market narrow range of consolidation, the market from the previous relatively stalemate calm state gradually revealed the chaos of the elephant. Although most of the industry still have confidence in the market outlook, that short-term manganese ore is still favorable support, but the market bearish attitude and wait and see mood has also increased.

1. Factory offer: the actual situation of the factory is different, the implementation of steel orders less inventory factory foreign offer basically unaffected. Most still strong in the high price of 6800 yuan / ton. And expected to take the goods or bearish the afternoon of the alloy factory to adjust the foreign offer prices. Northwest Region 6517 # main offer in cash tax paid 6600-6700 yuan / ton, the main offer in the south of the factory tax paid 6700-6750 yuan / ton, 6800 yuan / ton of high prices less. But also the factory in the upstream costs have not changed significantly, and the alloy first "discouraged" under the market to take a wait and see attitude, the external offer enthusiasm is not high, said the market in the middle of the market to adjust the offer program.

2. The actual transaction: the mainstream of the North factory turnover price concentrated in the 6500-6600 yuan / ton range, it is learned that there are lower local prices, has not yet become the mainstream. Although the southern region of the factory offer 6700 yuan / ton also said that the transaction is more difficult, the mainstream transaction price concentrated in the cash factory tax 6600-6700 yuan / ton range.

Although the recent silicon-manganese alloy trade market price adjustment is not large, but still affect the market operation mentality. Traders operating more cautious, wait and see mood thickening, next week, silicon-manganese alloy in this consolidation on the basis of stability or continue to be adjusted is the focus of attention in the industry, the performance of the alloy in the middle of the month will directly affect the July tender price of steel To the direction.