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Inoculant and Deoxidant

  • SibaCa


    Silicon calcium barium inoculants are added in liquid cast iron in order to provide the best and consistent characteristics in the final casting. They are used to control matrix structure and avoid casting defects. Silicon calcium barium inoculants can be found under several grain size...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide

    Silicon Carbide

    SIC is a kind of deoxidizer material that used in steel making.It can enhance the absorption rate of C,Si,Mn and can totally replace ferro silicon and high carbon manganese.Obviously increase the comprehensive economic benifits. Package:20Kg bag,1000Kg big bag,Customized is accept.Read More

  • Rare Earth Inoculant

    Rare Earth Inoculant

    Silicon Magnesium Alloy (Nodularizer) is remelting alloy composed of rare earth, magnesium, silicon and calcium. it is also called Magnesium alloy nodularizer. It has a big mechanical strength, the effect of deoxidization and desulfurization is strong. Rare Earth silicon magnesium...Read More

  • Refining Slag

    Refining Slag

    Refining Slag is used as liquid steel scavenger.It has strong deoxidizing desulfurization effect and it can reduce the content of oxygen and impurity,The process is that many kinds of refining material is stired equably and then is fused under high temperature.The main resultant is calcium aluminate 12CaO·7Al2O3 with low...Read More

  • Silicon Carbide

    Silicon Carbide

    Sic is a kind of metallurgical deoxidizer material that used in steel making. It can enhance the absorption rate of C, Si, Mn and can totally replace ferrosilicon and high manganese carbon. The effect of reducing production cost is obvious.It is high temperature resistant materials.As abrasive,...Read More

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