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Throughout the recent chromium upstream and downstream market, boost high-chromium prices break through the million barrier factors in advance:
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Raw material price increases, cost push product prices.

After 1, chrome ore, coke prices sharply upward, ferrochrome manufacturers cost up, cost of supporting efforts to strengthen, ferrochrome prices chasing chrome ore.

After 2, ferrochrome prices, stainless steel with Cover Plate to raise stainless steel prices rising cost pressures, different products, the same routine, have stainless steel prices subsequently soared.

Products and raw materials prices to enhance the enthusiasm and strong demand for raw materials, downstream intertwined in Latin America.

1, steel-chromium iron tender prices for two consecutive months, factory production profits, ample ore factories operate at full capacity, just need only increase the reduction of chromium ore, boosting chrome ore prices rose.

2, same reason, stainless steel prices, steel chromium iron just needed strong, along with new stainless steel factory purchase particularly positive performance into the South, the North, appears from time to time the market high price, ever-suppliers of high chromium iron psychological price.

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