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Supply is less than demand, say in changing market.
- Dec 06, 2016 -

More than 1, 90%, chromium ore, China relied on imports, with the port of chromium ore stocks fell this year, large traders not to enter operation, reservoir features of chrome ore disappeared, chrome ore foreign factory direct confrontation, pricing discourse power held by the chrome ore suppliers, particularly in the South Africa Department of chrome ore prices follow.

2, stainless steel production increased by 8% over a year ago or so, ferrochrome domestic capacity release raw materials, limited increase in yield. 1-9 stainless steel production increased by 1.43 million tons, increasing demand for ferrochrome 420,000 tonnes January-September increased production of high carbon ferrochrome 180,300 tons; chromium iron imports in January-September rose 36,700 tons, overall, the ferrochrome market supply is less than demand this year.

Seller covering goods, Cover Plate and other prices, potentially widening price rise. Borrowed a friends heart testimonials ferrochrome manufacturers better image description "when the code of a heap of stones was given capital, its" value "has been fully tapped, ten months ago lying Wharf ignored soil, roof stone is hard to find today, capital power giant could turn stone into gold".

Today, chrome upper and lower market prices continued to be refreshed, increasing in view of the current market factors beyond their control, "fried flavor, cooking easy burning", recommends that the chromium industry players acted cautiously.

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