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Silicon Carbide:
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Silicon Carbide: rising prices of raw materials, silicon carbide production costs increasing, prices also rose, first class prices are at 5100-5200 Yuan/ton, second grade and third grade prices did not fluctuate. Although costs increased prices, but inadequate overall demand in the market, deal is still for the old customer-oriented.

: This week the markets

Level rise in prices of silicon carbide, second grade and third grade prices relatively stable. Henan 98#5000-5100,88#3500-3600,75#2300-2400; 98#5000-5100,88#3500-3600 Qinghai; Gansu 98#5100-5200,88#3500-3600; 98#5100-5200,88#3500-3600,75#2400-2500 of Ningxia (Yuan/ton, including tax acceptance)

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