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Rare earth Silicon magnesium(Nodulizer)
- May 04, 2017 -

Rare earth Silicon magnesium(Nodulizer)

Silicon MagnesiumAlloy (Nodularizer) is remelting alloy composed of rare earth,

magnesium, silicon and calcium. it is also called Magnesium alloy nodularizer. It has a big

mechanical strength, the effect of deoxidization and desulfurization is strong.

Rare Earth silicon magnesium spheroidization response is steady, the magnesium absorption

rate is high, the anti-decline time is long. It does not have the deflection evenly, the MgO

content is low.

Rare Earth Ferro Silicon Magnesium alloy is used to produce nodulizer and inoculation.

It is also used as additive and alloying constituent to make iron and steel.

Size:natural block,processing block(10-50mm/50-100mm),granule

(1-3mm/3-8mm/8-15mm),powder(0.1-0.5mm 0.2-0.7mm 20-425mesh)

package:as per your demand。 20kg/bag、25kg/bag、100kg/bag、1000kg/bag,PVC

wrapping 、Pallet.