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Medium carbon ferromanganese spot abundant market outlook worrying
- Jun 09, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-6-9: With the southern Hunan and Guizhou after the end of the environmental crisis, the manganese enterprises have resumed production, the northern region of manganese production is basically no adjustment, and downstream demand is not busy, the middle of the big Part of the traders choose a single proposal, so the current medium-carbon ferromanganese spot resources are more abundant, spot transactions are not optimistic about the industry in the manganese market outlook is more worried about the slight bearish or continued to see the stability of the mentality is more different.

According to the Chinese ferroalloy online a rough understanding of the current southern region 75 # Pu phosphorus carbon ferromanganese mainstream offer concentrated in the 8900-9100 yuan / ton cash tax, and 75 # two groups of phosphorus manganese offer in 9200-9400 yuan / ton cash Most of the manganese plant in the southern region said that the manganese market in the southern region was basically in the market situation, and even some manganese plants were not quoted, the shipping price will be determined by the buyer's market, showing that the downstream demand for manganese is hard to change The While the northern region of 75 # two groups of phosphorus manganese mainstream offer concentrated in the 8800-9000 yuan / ton, while the southern region is still around 400 yuan / ton price difference, most of the northern manganese plant also face the same sales pressure, although the North Steel Plant more, the demand for medium-carbon ferromanganese slightly better than the situation in the south, but because the entire manganese market in the oversupply situation, so many of the North is still a small manganese plant to take advantage of the shipment.

The recent upstream manganese ore and silicon-manganese alloy prices have been high and stable operation, while the domestic market price of electrolytic manganese has fallen sharply, resulting in a slight reduction in demand for medium-carbon ferromanganese, inquiry procurement significantly reduced the enthusiasm, manganese and intermediate trade In the short term, the manganese market is likely to continue to maintain chaos and stable operation, but some of the manganese plant may be due to funds and stocks, etc., by the supply of carbon ferromanganese in the situation, the downstream demand, production and their own inventory of funds, Reason, tentative slightly lower manganese offer.