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High barium alloy market prices continue to decline
- May 05, 2017 -

"China Ferroalloy Online" 2017-05-05: According to this site to understand, since the second quarter, silicon barium alloy market price limit, the actual turnover of a slight Yindie trend, 

Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai and other major production areas manufacturers offer Adjustment. Into May, low barium alloy manufacturers stable state, the regional mainstream transaction 

prices basically flat, low-cost supply has been effectively controlled. More negative is the high barium alloy, the regional price difference between the larger transaction.

Since the beginning of May silicon bar market start production is stable, the market spot is relatively saturated, with the actual market price of the transaction Yindie,

 silicon barium alloy offer offer a high state. According to the recent main producing areas of high barium market price trend, at this stage of Gansu, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, 

30 # high barium market mainstream transaction price of 6300-6400 yuan / ton, 28 # mainstream transaction price of 6200-6300 yuan / Ton, individual manufacturers 30 # high bar price 

has fallen below 6,000 yuan / ton (the factory tax acceptance).

At present, the market price of silicon barium alloy raw materials daily limit, no significant fluctuations in transport costs, production costs tend to be stable. 

On the current regional high barium alloy actual transaction statistics, the terminal market demand is limited, consumption is difficult to have a greater increase.

 Qinghai, Gansu region manufacturers said that since the second quarter since the factory orders shipments have declined significantly, few new customers inquiry orders, 

the old customer purchases have also been reduced. According to the recent trend of silicon alloy products market wait and see, is expected during May high barium alloy market prices 

may continue to test a dropping, down or maintained at 200 yuan / ton.