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Ferrochrome market
- Dec 06, 2016 -

High-carbon ferrochrome: today's markets relatively calm, factory prices are relatively high, factory orders, well, lack of retail market resource, some manufacturers are reluctant to offer, if you need to buy a small amount of cash, just give a good price, no problem. Mills November bid price up recovery in the factory operating rate, high carbon ferrochrome production in November is expected to nearly 400,000, and even so, it looks like individual Mills was actively purchasing because of high chrome low inventory. High-carbon ferrochrome market demand is still good, market trend remains good.

Low-carbon ferrochrome: this low-carbon ferrochrome manufacturers offer factory 15700-15900/60 base tons, micro carbon Ferrochromium V10 manufacturers offer factory 15900-16100/60 base tons, stable market. Steel Announces December bidding price of low carbon ferrochrome, essentially flat with the current market price, low chrome prices look no rising trend. But according to the recent situation, as long as the chrome ore may still rise, low chrome prices could still rise, now chrome ore miners still on ore prices to rise and strong faith, if December high chromium bid price reach market expectations, prices may also rise, so low-carbon ferrochrome market still need to be carefully observed. Pu high silicon CR (50 base factory included)-South 10100-10200;, 10150-10250; Northeast 10400-10600; East China 10300-10500; Northern, Central 10100-10300 low silica (Silicon content less than 2.0) high-carbon ferrochrome production enterprise mainstream factory tax-included price 10200-10400/50 base tons, distribution enterprises factory price 10400-10500/50 base ton.

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