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Change in the stability of Silicon-manganese alloy
- Dec 06, 2016 -

SI-MN: this week, Silicon-manganese 6517 trade market prices rise steadily, mainly because manufacturers offer continued strength, willingness to ship low prices has waned, Silicon-manganese 6517 strong spot prices as a whole, but can be seen by recent market quotes, market gains remain differences North and South. It is reported that the drive in the North to the South is different in the past, part of southern Mills bidding soared last week to boost the price adjustment, first in the South, to Northern markets with rising one after another this week. Offer up, offer a gap between the North and South, but North-South gaps on the actual transaction. Current prices offer downstream capacity is limited, but at the low price shipping cost pressure, and raw materials trader mentality is different, bullish positive purchase, there are careful not to rush into buying Consortium. Silicon-manganese market overall sold poorly, market more cautiously, in the short term to wait and see.

SI-MN is looking forward to rise strong, but earlier this week the market has to wait and see. Factory offer is not positive, or out of stock, or offer high but sold for less. Near the steel mills of the new round of purchases, holding his breath for a premium in the market atmosphere gradually strong overall trend higher. Steel procurement, CITIC Pacific to 8990 Yuan/ton of purchase prices, refresh the 8900 Yuan/ton sand steel price, southern Mills purchase price close to 9000, 9000 trend.

Northern Hebei region a large number of steel mills shut down, operators worry about supply and demand imbalance, rose to the North hinder it. But whether from material costs or transport costs to consider are up, but rose does not rule out steel and raw materials strictly controlled prices and the decline in May.

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