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Silicon Metal 2202

Silicon Metal 2202

Silicon Metal is also called industrial silicon or crystalline silicon.It is silver gray with metallic luster, when be processed into powder the coloure si dark grey. It has high melting point, good heat resistance and high resistivity.It is usually used in electro, metallurgy and chemical industry. It is the indispensable essential raw material in the hi-tech industry. Features: 1.silicon is widely used in smelting alloy elements,as a reducing agent in many kinds of metal smelting. 2.Silicon metal Widely applied to refractory material and power metallurgy industry to improve the heat resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. 3. Industrial silicon powder is regarded as alloy additive, improve the steel hardenability in metallurgy and foundry industry. 4.It is mainly used in production of alloys,polycrystalline silicon,organic silicon materials and high-grade refractor .

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China products high purity silicon metal 2202

Eternal Sea Metallurgical, located in Anyang, China, is one of the leading Silicon Metal 2202 manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring customers many high quality but low price metal products in stock from our professional factory.
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