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AlFe Alloy

  • Ferro Aluminium Lump

    Ferro Aluminium Lump

    It is one kind of deoxidizer in converter steelmaking, applied to high- quality steel, special steel and special alloy production . It can improve the debris form and reduce the gas content of the molten steel. 1.It is a advanced technology to improve the steel quality. 2.Low cost, aluminum...Read More

  • FeAl Alloy

    FeAl Alloy

    Silicon aluminum alloy has high denskty ,it can easily enter the steel liquid and form low molten point oxside ,then enter the slag,thus reducing the oxygen and aluminum in the steel.Using Silicon Aluminum alloy as deoxidizer has higher utilization than just using pure aluminum. It can improve...Read More

  • Silicon Aluminum

    Silicon Aluminum

    Read More

ETERNAL SEA Metallurgical, located in Anyang, China, is one of the leading alfe alloy manufacturers and suppliers in China. We now bring customers many high quality but low price alfe alloy in stock from our professional factory.